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“It has been extremely helpful to work in tandem with Karen, with undoubtedly better outcomes for her mom. Without question, her involvement has made my role easier.

Karen is intelligent, compassionate, persistent, and empathic toward both her mother and the many practitioners involved. We would all benefit from having Karen as our personal health advocate.”


Mary G. De May MD

Hellman Master Clinician

UCSF Department of Neurology

Memory and Aging Center

Karen's focus is on “client - centered care“ which means she takes the time to learn the patient’s wishes and concerns and is sure they are addressed. She strikes the perfect balance between compassion and professional detachment, using the empathy she brings from both personal and professional experience to her work. Karen excels at serving as a liaison between family and medical providers ensuring that important information is both shared with and received.


I would highly recommend Karen for any situation involving the need for healthcare advocacy for an older adult and their family.


Laurel Etheridge, CMC

Professional Geriatric Care Manager

I believe Karen would be a truly exceptional advocate for any patient she works with. I’ve seen her handle her mothers care with much resilience and patience, which can be quite difficult to do when coordinating with countless healthcare professionals.


Caregiving for someone with dementia can be increasingly challenging and tiresome, however, Karen has an unwavering motivation to ensure her mother receives necessary care and be a constant advocate for her rights. This is a true testament to her commitment to help patients and their families battle their illness with the least amount of stress and the upmost comfort.”


Mahnoor Allawala

Clinical Research Coordinator,

UCSF Memory and Aging Center

I feel Karen would be a well-qualified patient advocate. She has evolved into this role by representing her parents when they lived at home to their current residence in a skilled nursing facility. She treats the healthcare profession with respect and listens to our recommendations with an open mind. I feel she works well with us in collaboration. She has a compassionate, intelligent approach.


Cynthia Works, MD

University of Wyoming

Family Medicine Residency program

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