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Everyone can use an advocate. Telling our story over and over to physicians, medical professionals and family members is taxing. Now imagine communicating while being in pain or cognitively impaired, it’s practically impossible. Multifaceted medical diagnoses don’t have to lead to needless suffering or disaster. Hiring me as a patient advocate can relieve much of the burden.


As a daughter, I understand the unique challenges of helping loved ones with dementia.

 Families with even the best dynamics may not be able to handle the seemingly

endless barrage of problems, questions and decisions that have to be resolved.

I have moved my parents from home to nursing home. I deeply know the grief,

coordination and stress involved. 


My mother’s Alzheimer’s and my father’s complex array of medical conditions, showed

me the desperate need to integrate and understand the information from all the specialists.

I strongly believe that medical professionals need to know what values are important to the patient and their family. 


I can do this for you. Imagine having all the physician and specialty information coordinated  for the most efficiency. Imagine help in finding appropriate care. Imagine a compassionate, knowledgeable listener who is objective in a charged environment. Imagine a professional who will connect you with the necessary resources, taking into account your financial landscape. Hiring me as your patient advocate gives you another nurturing, wise human being on your side. 

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